‘Past Present Tense’ – some incredible reviews!

“I think the sensuality of the woman’s condition of craving… not just food… but stimulation to prove life in a secure way is brilliant. It is evocative of Sartre’s Nausea with its descriptions of existentialist angst and the fear of being adrift on a turbulent sea without anchor and also the devaluing of self by trying and failing to live up to other’s expectations. The present is indeed tense. I’m looking forward to Tanya’s adventures.
PS The ‘Peace’ quilt has a strong breath of [the author]” – PL

“Can’t put it down. The ironing is suing me for neglect. All the creased blouses have folded their arms in disgust and the sheets are pale with rage. You have such tremendous insight into those feelings of loss and psychic connection. Thank you Lesley. This work is literary as well as being the work of a born storyteller” – PAT

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