Poem to Morrigan

Happy birthday Morrigan, my gorgeous bonkers Morrigan.
Have a really happy birthday – have a One Direction day!
Liam pours your orange juice while Zayne lays flat the table cloth.
And Harry brings your breakfast to the table on a tray.

And what about the other boys? The lovely Niall and Louis.
What will they be doing at this extra special  time?
Well, Louis will be cooking you a tasty egg fried breakfast
And Niall will be spreading toast with chocolate spread and lime.

And, food all gone, you’re going to open all the gifts you chose yourself.
Then mummy’s going to take you out to Play Zone – big hurray!
And then you’ll go to grandad’s for a little celebration
You’ll have some pressies and a cake and some more time to play.

I can’t believe you’re nine today, you’re really getting bigger,
Happier and funnier; teenager-ier all the time.
But I know you lovely Morrigan – you’ll always be my Morrigan
Even now you’re really old because you’ve just turned nine!!!!!

Happy birthday my most lovely, wonderful, moody, beautiful,
sweet and caring, popular, well loved, stylish, pretty, intense, colourful, clever and  creatively gifted little angel.
Love you forever, from Mummy xxxxxxxxx
And Cormy thinks you’re pretty incredible too 🙂 xxxxxxxxx

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