You know you’re a writer right down to your soul… when you see something interesting in a children’s magazine left in a doctor’s waiting room, and immediately make notes in the ever-handy pad in constant presence in your bag. I knew I had a ‘problem’ with writing before then, but with that realisation, I knew I couldn’t hide it from myself any more. And things got serious.

Born in 1967, I came to ‘professional’ writing a little late in the day, when I set up my publishing company, Scott Martin Productions, in early 2018. Through SMP I have published three of my own novelettes, five books of my short stories, and one chunky, clunky novel, but this wasn’t when my writing career began.

In years gone by I managed a small publishing business, and wrote under a multitude of pseudonyms for underground journals and magazines. Branching out, I tried my hand at a little erotic fiction, magazine articles and non-fiction self-help guides, but short stories and flash fiction remain my first loves. I’m also an extremely enthusiastic member of two local writing groups, and sharing these short stories with my fellow writers grants a closeness that can be difficult to find elsewhere. That’s why these writing companions are akin to family.

In common with many obsessive writers, I keep a notebook in every bag and in every room. Sitting on the park bench, waiting for my dog’s best friend to turn up, I write about what I see and hear and feel. Waiting outside my children’s high school, I make notes about the characters who pass me. And, lying in bed each night I regularly switch on the lamp to make notes on the ideas that visit my settling brain.

I am now working on my second full-length novel ‘The Waggon’ which will be finished in Spring 2020 (as the final assessment for a Manchester Metropolitan University Master of Arts in Creative Writing degree). Despite this, I am a passionate advocate for flash fiction, short stories and mini novels, as I believe these are neglected art forms which are extremely well suited to modern life – many of us are only able to snatch a few moments of glorious reading solitude here and there, and long-term concentration is necessarily limited when waiting in a car park or sitting on a bus. So, why not absorb and enjoy an entire creation rather than just part of one?

That was how ‘Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep: Tales for Travellers’ was born. I’ve now published five volumes of these ultra-short stories, perfect for snatched moments. My three novelettes ‘Changes’, ‘Divine Intervention’ and ‘No Matter What’ have vastly different styles and stories – the first a personal tale of adoption, illness, and searching for futures,  and the second a tongue-in-cheek look a twins and the ultimate in omniscient narrators – God. The third is a tale of a ghost writer and her male supermodel client.

Thanks for reading this biography, and I hope you enjoy any of my books you may choose to purchase. If you do, please leave a review and help to support a new publishing venture, and an ageing but still enthusiastic author.

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