Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep

Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep: Tales for Travellers is an ongoing series of short story books for commuters, or those who can’t commit the time to read a longer book. Short stories are out of favour but I’m championing their cause!†

For those who would like the entire edited collection in one HUGE coffee table book, ‘Feet on the Table’ is now available!

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Well, that’s that. That’s That. You brought it in. You put it down. You ignored it. But I knew it was important. From overseas, it was. So I looked at it. I opened it. And I read it to you. And that was that.

The first volume of short stories in the ‘Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep’ series. 
Intriguing tales of revenge, of compassion, and of humour.
Mild insanity in a greasy spoon cafe.
Life-changing and hair-changing epiphany
at the hairdressers.
Stuck in a lift with the office bitch.
Revenge and recriminations.
Hoarding and mental health issues.
The horrifying return of an absent unwanted ex-partner.

Perhaps I’ll give up on the domestic science course.
It’s just food porn for the food frigid.

My beef bhuna arrives. I lick my lips. That’s more like it!

Inside you’ll find insightful tales of humour, of weirdness and humanity.
A 30 year hiatus.
Strange goings on in Lancashire moorland towns.
Pensioner Felicity’s final adventure.
Manipulation, control and abuse.
Buttons, inept cooking and discovery of cave people.
City fears and cyber clouds discovering the past.
Cross-dressing, puppets and life opportunities.

“Jason tickles me under my duffel coat. I protest half-heartedly. Fears forgotten. Interchange intercession interrupted. And over. Till next week.”

Sticks and balls and sleep acrobatics.
Bus station anxiety. Sci-fi dystopia.
Family – remembrance, joy and despair.
First kiss, wedding massacre and the lure of the hangman’s noose.
Inspiration, foraging, and ice cream Sundays. Impossible work, evolution and the urban unicorn.
A mourning dog.
Music in the basement, but no music for a month. Nervous breakdown, procrastination and ensnaring of prey.

“Aged eighteen, or thereabouts, I sauntered round the local funfair, more than slightly intoxicated on Southern Comfort. No lemonade or cola diluted my drink because mixers were for girls. I was not a girl. I was Janis Joplin, and I was about to have a go on the waltzers with my equally drunk friends. Again.”

Inside this volume are tantalising and amusing tales.
Death in a studio. The demise of a method actor. Benefits and buses. Writing the detectives.
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary. Narcissists vs empaths.
The joy of gardens and the love of the forest.
Office bullying.

“Outside, the clouds still fill the sky and te rain still falls. But in the cinema, a pockeful of carelessly discarded sweet wrappers crunches beneath the woman’s feet as she surrenders to the delight of moving pictures.”

Inside you’ll find intriguing tales of revenge, of enlightenment, and of humanity. This publication specially features ‘Walking with Eve’ – the story of a bigamist husband whose wives seek a special form of revenge.

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