No Matter What

This book is now available both as a standalone publication ‘No Matter What’ and as a novelette within ‘Conflict Management’ published under Lesley Atherton’s new author name, Meredith Schumann.

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Jayne Smith is a ghost writer – in more ways than one.

When forced into writing a self-help book for supermodel Hawk, her life changes for the worst, but even this ghost writer will get her happy ending…

The Author

I love the human condition’s simultaneous strength and frailty, as well as the innate ability we all possess to reflect on both and to thereby discover and understand more of our own personal idiosyncrasies. Art and literature grant us unbelievable vicarious pleasures and pains, and we will only grow from their appreciation.I’m a female parent, craftsperson and writer, embracing middle age and the joy that writing brings.If you enjoyed this book, you’ll find more publications available from Meredith Schumann and Scott Martin Productions on Amazon.”

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‘No Matter What’ is about Jayne Smith, a ghost writer. She’s a cheery soul who tends to look on the bright side, though she does also have a cynical side. When her agent emails her with details of her latest assignment, Jayne is not impressed. There is no way that she wants to write a self-help book for a shallow model/celebrity, Hawk.

Faced with a dearth of other paid work, she decides to go ahead with the book, but to give it her own special slant. Soon it becomes irrevocably linked Please do support this new emerging publishing business, and a not-so-new but still definitely emerging writer.

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